I sent my friends and family a questionnaire about their hometowns. The first person to answer was my mom.

Where do you live and how long have you lived there?  Joplin, MO

Describe the city in three words.  Comfortable, easy, growing.

Favorite restaurant?  Red Onion Cafe

Favorite museum?

Favorite park?  Parr Hill Park

Favorite place to buy clothes? Macy’s

Favorite grocery store? *

Favorite bar?

Favorite neighborhood or spot in town?  Wildwood/ my back yard

Best way to get around the city?  Car

What do you love?  That wherever you go, you almost always run into someone you know.

What do you hate?  Range line Road. All the signs and traffic.

Most overrated thing in the city?

Most underrated thing in the city?  

Last thoughts?  I love to travel and spend time in new places and see new things, but there is nothing like coming back to my little town.  The peace and comfort it brings me is priceless.
*When I sent out this questionnaire to friends and family, I expected certain questions to go unanswered.  I knew that my mother in particular would leave some inquiries blank.  Favorite bar?  She doesn’t drink.  Favorite museum?  She prefers the big ones in the big cities.  But when I read her responses, I could not, for the life of me, understand why she  left the favorite grocery store question blank.  I expected her to say something about how she goes to Walmart because it’s convenient.  Or I thought maybe she’d write about the small grocery store near my childhood home that was completely destroyed by a tornado in 2011.  But nothing… Then I remembered.  My mother hates grocery shopping.  She hates it almost more than anything else.  No one knows exactly why this is or when it started.  But it’s something that we all know and I somehow forgot.  She must have looked down at her phone, read my question, rolled her eyes while laughing out loud, and then quickly moved on.  

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