Describe the city in three words.  Full of history, modern and home.


Favorite restaurant?  I looove the restaurant Marcel next to the Canal St Martin! It’s an Indian food restaurant that’s mixed with other types of food such as American. My dad took me there as a treat a year ago and since then I’ve only come back once. I’m dying to go there with my friends but I’m still a student and it’s a little expensive.


Favorite park?  I have a few favorites in Paris, I think the city has many nice parks but my all time favorite has to be the Jardin du Luxembourg! I used to go there as a child nearly every weekend to play, but now I enjoy going there with friends, especially during the springtime. And one of the really nice things about it, apart from the beautiful scenery, is that, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see the firemen squad jogging around the park, which is a good reward if you’re jogging yourself.

illustration jardin du luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg by illustrationannygrapho


Favorite museum?  As a fashion student, I go to museums often and my favorite is the Musée Galliera. When I was 7 years old, I went there to see the exhibition on Jean Charles de Castelbajac and since then I’ve been in love with fashion. It’s a shame the museum is so small, but they have really interesting exhibitions.


Favorite place to buy clothes?  I love shopping famous brands but there is something very charming about thrift shops, because you never know what you’ll find and the clothes already have a history. I recommend the one in front of the Centre Georges Pompidou, they have a nice selection of kimonos and shirts.


Favorite grocery store?  La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché! It all sounds very cliché but honestly, if you’re looking for any type of food, you can find it there! And the architecture of the building is just so pretty!

illustration la grande epicerie
La Grande Epicure by illustrationannygrapho

Favorite bar?  Yellow Mad Monkey at Bastille because I love the mood, the staff, and their cocktail menu. There’s always really good music, and if you’re not too many, you can sit at the bar for a chat, which is always nice.

illustration yellow mad monkey
Yellow Mad Monkey by illustrationannygrapho

Favorite neighborhood/spot?  It depends for what! In general, I really like walking around the 14eme arrondissement, which is where I live. From the outside, it’s this really quiet and boring neighborood but there are things to do! You can visit the catacombes, walk around the Montparnasse cemetery and eat funny cakes and pastries Chez Bogato.


Best way to get around the city?  I’d love to say that the tramway is good to do so, as I love them, but the lines aren’t developped enough to allow you to go everywhere in the city, therefore I’ll have to say that it’s the metro.


What do you love?  I love that everything is so close to my home! My boyfriend lives near Versailles, and there is nothing around his house. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have a car. It’s so much easier in Paris! Grocery stores stay open late, the metro or tramway is really practical…


What do you hate?  The mayor of Paris! She makes the worst decision about Paris, whether it’s about bikes or the life of the city


Most overrated thing in the city?  How mean Parisians are! We’re not the nicest but we’re not the meanest either!


Most underrated thing in the city?  You can find anything at any time! If you need to find food or something in the middle of the night, it’s possible.


Last thoughts?  I feel like my answers are very classic, but they are true! There’s this word in French, “bobo,” which means you’re some sort of hipster who likes to eat organic food and ride your bike around the city…

Otherwise, I like my city but do not know yet if I want to live there my entire life.
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