The diplomatic lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

But somehow, Ruben makes it look more like jet-setting that grueling hard work.  I sent my friends and family a questionnaire about their hometowns.  Ruben sent me news of his life in Saudi Arabia, where he was working for the Mexican Embassy. 

Did you know that camel milk is a thing?



Where do you live and for how long?  I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and I have been living here for 2 years already.

Describe the city in three words.  Spread, challenging, hot.


Favorite restaurant?  Karam Beirut, with tons of Lebanese mezze (appetizers).


Favorite park? There are actually no parks but I like “Wadi Hanifah” (valley) close to where I live where you can see even a small pond with fish in the middle of the desert.


Favorite museum? The Saudi National Museum, a nice combination of religion and history.

Favorite place to buy clothes? To buy clothes I like Zara and its found here too!

Favorite grocery store?  I love Danube Supermarkets, there are many interesting things to find and crazy stuff like camel milk date milkshakes.


Favorite bar?  No bars at all, but I like the kitsch Chinese restaurant called “Le Chateau” with “Saudi Champagne” that is made of sparkling apple water with roses and fruits.


Favorite neighborhood/spot?  Sulaimaniya: probably the place with more places  to eat and meet people.


Best way to get around the city? Probably Uber is the best way to move around the city and avoid stress with crazy drivers.


What do you love?  I love the views from Faisaliah tower and constant challenge to adapt to a way of life that is not that different to the Western way of life.


What do you hate? Fighting with heavy traffic and crazy drivers under a 40+ C (100+ F) degree weather.


Photos by Ruben B.P. 

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