I sent my friends and family a questionnaire about their hometowns.  Kira wrote back and explained why Anchorage is good, but the Alaskan wilderness is great. 



Where do you live and how long have you lived there? Anchorage, Alaska. My whole life minus 11 years for college.


Describe the city in three words.  What’s around it.  Anchorage is defined by the wild around it.



Favorite restaurant?  Home


Favorite park? Chugach


Favorite museum?  I think we have only one but… truly you learn more about our city’s history by talking to the people who have lived here for decades. The Hodels, the Faulks. They are my museum


Favorite place to buy clothes?  Amazon. We got nothing


Favorite grocery store?  The garden. We got nothing


Favorite bar?  F Street when I went to them. But it’s been years. A glass of wine on my deck with a sunset view of Sleeping Lady beats any club.


Favorite neighborhood/spot?  The wilderness, and it surrounds us. Anchorage doesn’t have a lot of old history like many towns. But fifteen minutes of driving in any direction and you can be miles from another human.


Best way to get around the city?  Your own vehicle is really your only option here


What do you love? I love this state. Anchorage is a drop in the bucket – a place close to where you work. We live here for everything outside of it.


What do you hate?  Crime. We used to never have it. 20 years ago a child could ride their bike across town and no one would have worried. Theft and local laws that don’t crack down on it have led to a lot of crime.
Last thoughts? I wish I could live in Homer.


Pictures by Kira Z. 



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