We Should Know Better was originally created as an excuse to record conversations with my best friend, Emma, about topics like food and fashion.  During my ten-year stint in Paris, she and I have spent hours gawking at admiring our fellow Parisians in cafés or on the metro.  We’ve sat on my couch or on her bed, drinking tea and making fun of gushing over lifestyle blogs.  During these times, we’ve found that we love a good cultural critic, but that their advice and level of discourse should always be taken with a grain of super-posh, gourmet salt.  We Should Know Better was meant to be a chronicle of our obsessions with subjects like dining and style, focusing on what we like best while also acknowledging that both Emma and I know we’re not experts.  

     Then something occurred to me.  We actually are experts.  All of us (including you, dear reader).  When it comes to our hometown, we can talk for hours about where to eat, drink, or shop.  We know how to dress to blend in or we justify standing out.  We can praise or denounce the go-to spots in our cities or, more often than not, tell you about an unknown gem.   

     We Should Know Better is still shape-shifting.  Perhaps it always will be.    In interviewing people and sending out questionnaires, I’ve found that I care less and less about the lifestyle tips or locations being discussed and more about the person and their narrative.  An individual’s connection with a place – and how they communicate that connection – is at the heart of this blog.  

     My desire is to introduce you to some of the people I love, see cities around the world from their perspective, and maybe discover something you dig along the way.